About us

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RG Sales is the Northwest Sales Representative for irrigation and landscape supplies for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial applications.  We take pride in providing outstanding representation and customer service to vendors, distributors and specifiers. 

Our line sheet

Dura Plastic Products, Inc.                   

  • A recognized leader in the PVC piping component industry.
  • Represented in WA, OR, ID
  • www.duraplastics.com


Firestone Specialty Products

  • PondGard Fish Safe Rubber  Liner
  • GeoGard EPDM Geomembrane
  • Polypropylene Geomembrane
  • Represented in WA, OR, MT, ID
  • www.firestonebpco.com 


VU-Flow Filters, Inc.                                

  • Filters that makes sediment removal simple and economical.
  • Represented in WA, OR, N. ID
  • www.vuflow.com

V.I.T. Products, Inc. Strong Box                  

  • Weather and vandal resistant metal enclosures bearing the trade name Strong Box.
  • Represented in WA, OR, BC
  • www.vitproducts.com

TYPAR Geosynthetics